The World R:2 is a fictional MMORPG Video Game within the world of CyberConnect2 mainstay series .hack//. The second installation of the wildly popular The World Virtual MMORPG, it is the focus of the second .hack arc G.U., and is set 100 years in the future in game storywise.


Through the wikia, The World R:2 has been reintroduced and reimagined. None of the content of this wiki is to be considered canon.


Conception Creation Idea SystemEdit

The Conception Creation Idea System is an advanced game engine mechanic signature to The World R:2. Designed to build upon player interaction, customization, and individuality, CCIS utilizes an advanced fuzzy logic AI with player initiation to allow options unique to that player upon meeting certain criteria. It is widely utilized in the Job Class system, allowing for a variety of player unique and advanced PCs and Class Trades.

Roleplay Act SystemEdit

Allowing for traditional table top RPG like experiences within The World R:2, the Roleplay Act System works to start and organize player hosted and managed events called Campaigns through an off game editor by its creator (who is called a Campaign Master). Campaigns can range from simple player made quests to in game staff cooperated events depending on a Campaign Master's reputation, renown, and expertise.

Story Written By The PlayersEdit

One major selling point of the series was that of The World R:2 being that of player influence onto the game's setting and world, along with encouraging in game roleplaying, detailing the events of notable PCs who desire to play the part to define the story of The World R:2 akin to a world and history of its own. CC Corp also held the responsibility of helping notable players give their influence directly into the game.



Unlike its famous predecessor and progenitor, R:2 is lesser received and sold less than the original The World, at about 12 million copies in comparison to R:1's 20 million copies, and with a lesser player turnout, with approximately 8 million online daily. Player reception is widely polarized, with criticisms directed at its complex character creation system, nearly lawless player fanbase, and including its shift from a medieval and classic fantasy setting to a steampunk and darker, almost gothic and occult supernatural themed narrative. Fans and dedicated players of the game hold it as a cult classic and massive upgrade from R:1.